Fishing and Fishing Tackle

Each year, $$millions is spent replacing gear that has been corroded beyond repair by salt.

Washing fishing reels under a hose or tap forces salt crystals into the inside of your reels. The salt crystals grind on gears and bearings as you use the reel, eventually leading to failure, break-offs and major repairs.

Salt attracts moisture, so salt corrosion continues even when you are not using your tackle, out of site, so out of mind... UNTIL... your reel JAMBS when under load!!!

The best way to clean fishing tackle? SOAK IT!

Mix up a SX50 solution and leave your salt laden reels, lures and hooks in the solution! You won't believe the difference.

SALT-X SX50 is a non-toxic, environmentally safe, rinsing and flushing agent designed to do one thing……remove salt! SX50 will remove even the heaviest buildup of salt residue and does it without effecting reel lubricants!

Extensive use by fishermen and fishing tackle technicians has proven one thing…… SX50 WORKS!


Steve Mackie; 20 yrs of Professional Fishing, Moreton Bay, Brisbane.


“...You won’t believe it! I know I didn’t. My old reel had years of salt build up and corrosion and is now spotless after one overnight soak in the Salt-X solution. It’s the best thing I’ve seen to stop salt corrosion....”



 Yes... Salt-X SX50 Works! The most common user comment of... "WOW!, that stuff is unbelievable!" says it all.

How to Use:

Using SALT-X SX50 is simple! Take a clip top bucket with SX50 solution and a bottle of Salt-X RTU (Ready To Use) and simply dunk your lures, reels and hooks into the bucket or spray your rods & reels thoroughly and let them air dry! NO rubbing, scrubbing or further rinsing is needed! Do the same thing to rod guides, reel seats or anything else that cops a battering from salt spray.

Don't rinse off... Leave to Air Dry!

Try SALT-X SX50 for yourself and see why everyone raves about it!!!